SF Review: 727 Clique – Ating Panahon

727 Clique 1

727 Clique. The future Becomes.

Here’s a Soulfiesta review for the upcoming “Ating Panahon” album, quite possibly the album of the year with noise coming in from last year. 727 Clique stems from Third Flo, since leaving 187 Mobstaz and Maduming Kwarto (DRP).  2016 was just a mere introduction of OWFuck, Jim Dacanay, Ryke, Illicit, Eighty, Eccentric, Arpee Turla as members of the Clique — and to the hiphop community as a whole! Ating Panahon, boasts of production from Alas Ng Beats, Eighty and Hype Vallentino! The album is finally due out this 7/27 and here’s an early review of the groups debut release.

Ating Panahon, features Syke in the last few bars — opens up with Third Flo’s “Isang barko, na pwede mong tawaging bahay”. Talks about bringing forth the talent right now, mind you, Jim Dacanay killed it with his rhyme schemes!

All Hail The Ace, with Jim Dacanay re-introduces himself “Ayoko sanang mag angas/ Kaso ang dami talagang matitigas/ Akin na trono kolabas/ Baka nalimot mo na boy taob ang hari sa alas” as an emcee and producer, he produced most of the songs in this album! Illicit comes thru with Sabihin Mo Sa Kin, this my shit. “Aaaah di ako nagyayabang/ Luzon, Visaya’t Mindanao andami ng nagaabang/ Gigising yun tibok, puso ng Maynila/ Susuyuin ka hanggang sa magmahal ng kusa/ Magtatanim ng lasa/ Ibabalik sa mapa/ Nakaka adik na eksena, usok at tableta/” and “Sobra kong gising/ Sabi ko na dati to napagkamalan praning/ Wala to sa edad ayoko magintay na lang/ Kaya gumagawa kami ng dadalhan sa pagtanda/”.

Amen – by Eighty speaks about the truth we all don’t want to admit, justice in the hands of the mighty and rich, while we all get lost Facebook-ing, “As-salaam-alaikum, hallelujah/” speaks of everyone guilty by choice, and guilty by association. Maskara by Eccentric, plays the opposite relationship of things — an oxymoron of sorts. Paraan Hindi Dahilan by Ryke reflective of his grind, only wished for a better hook — who mixed and mastered the songs, did an excellent job! Baclaran emcee Arpee Turla lets you know in 24-7 “Sa pagabot ng hinahangad/ Hindi humihinto sa pag lakad/ Dapat sagad” and OWFuck comes with Ganun Pa Din which is featured in SWITCH, check it out here.

Last track is Pera Kesa Nega by Third Flo, money talks bullshit walks, “Ang labanan dito pa utakan hindi pa tapangan/ Sa totoo lang, pagwala ka nito tatawan ka lang/ Kaya magsisipag lakad lang ng lakad, rolyo lang ng rolyo/ Sa kin diksyunaryo ang bokabolaryo/ Makikita mo puro peso at negosyo”/. Sharing his two cents, nuff said.

I give this album 8/10.

The album puts tagalog rap in the mix for trap sound, subject to great content! 727 Clique did it by working their audience with mosh pits seen in their gigs. These kids might put a choke hold on the game the rest of the year. The album speaks on making it and the hustler’s motivation, with a lack of diversity — which is subject to maturity and might not be fitting for a compilation album. A great fitting for what could be collabs outside the crew. Looking forward to their solo releases. With a concert in tow, merchandise by Clothestasis, SWITCH features — the Clique is on a roll. Golden moments! Kudos on the album!



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